During my last few years in college at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, I became involved in Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF), which had a profound impact on my life and faith.  I grew in my relationship with Jesus in ways I could never imagine through the community of CCF, worship, and opportunities for service and leadership.  Being a part of this ministry altered the direction of my life and led me to serve as an intern in the CCF ministry at Georgia Southern University from 2007 to 2009 after my graduation.  Seeing God change lives and students come to know Christ for the first time over the 2 years at Georgia Southern further increased my passion to share His love with college students.  This experience led me to the visit the Globalscope ministry of El Oasis in Santiago, Chile for two weeks after my internship.  There, I saw an amazing, loving community of Chilean college students that were transformed by a relationship with Jesus.  Feeling God’s calling, I am blessed with the opportunity to be working on a team in Santiago ministering to Chilean college students.